Diploma of Screen and Media

3D Animation - Autodesk Maya

Create User Interface - Adobe Dreamweaver

Manage Media Assets - Adobe InDesign

Create Storyboards - Photoshop and After Effects

Edit digital video - Adobe Premiere Pro

3D Animation - Autodesk Maya
Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Manage Quality Customer Service

  • Risk Management

  • Advanced Management of WHS 

  • Performance Management

  • Fundamentals of Human Resources

  • Operational Planning

  • Employee Relations

  • Financial Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Effective Workplace Relationships

  • Manage Diversity

Post-graduate degree in Multimedia Creation: Cinema, Video and Photography

Short film produced at the conclusion of the course.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication: Radio and TV

"Sobre Viver"
Tv Doc produced at the conclusion of the course.

Certified Announcer Broadcaster
Vocational Course in Locution

"Bandeirantes - College"
Corporate video with my Voice-over.

First freelance job as announcer. (2004/2005)

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Kikko (or Anderson, in real life) grew up in love with television, fulfilled his dream of working inside this magic box and does not intend to change his profession anytime soon.