Telling the story of this program, for those not in Brazil is a little confusing, but fun. If you notice, it has a non-display period and that makes a lot of sense.

Astros was responsible for my return to SBT and when in 2008 I came back as a post-production producer and the program had a "similar but different" format to Idol, which had been sold to another broadcaster. At that time it was a program of musical talents and I was in the editing island, selecting material, making the first cut, assisting the editors, and on audition days, we traveled around Brazil in search of new stars.

After a 3-year break, Astros returned to replace "What's your talent?", Which was prevented from being televised for failing to obtain a Fremantle license under the rights to "Got Talent" (which had also been purchased by the same broadcaster of Brazilian Idol). Well, given that, Astros became a Talent Show and I was now Casting Producer, which at the time was what I knew best.