Australia / NZ Correspondent

Are you in Brazil or in one of the other nine Portuguese-speaking countries? I can be a correspondent in this part of the world for your company. If you need words, audio, video, or just some Portuguese-communicated magic, hit me up.


Are you in Australia and planning a production in Brazil, Portugal or another Portuguese speaking country? I’m here to help you, too.

Graduated in voiceover, Bachelor in communication: Radio and TV, and Post graduate in multimedia: Cinema, video and photography, some dowry for communication I got.

But, of course, to be a correspondent, no one cannot be ashamed on camera or behind the microphone... For that we can break the ice and do a great job together.

If you need an Aussie Mate who speaks Portuguese to cover events, concerts, political news, environmental and weather news or even to do that gossip of celebrities, I'm here.



Driving on the left is nothing new for a lot of people, but different rules are applied to shoot here in Australia. Don’t need to worry about.

If your crew is coming to Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia and you have a last-minute shoot, even more: you don’t know where to start because you’ve googled yourself to death and now you have more information than you had to begin with and you’ve encountered the world of permits and permissions needed to start and you also can’t work out where to start with locations?

I know your pain and I can help. Don't get in trouble.

Contact me and let's plan your shooting Down Under, together.


Transcription & Translate

Your crew had been in Brazil or at one of other nine countries that speak Portuguese?

And you need to transcript and translate to produce subtitles or voiceover? Yeah, I can help you!

Portuguese is the fifth most spoken language in the world and only in Brazil there are 16 kinds of accents, not to mention the most diverse types of slang.

Well, is not easy for gringos.

If you need to translate content from Portuguese into English and vice-vers, talk to me and don’t get the misunderstood.

Clique aqui gringo


Art Services & Locations

How your shoot can be majestic without beautiful props that matches with the concept, layout, set design, graphic and your main message?

Besides that… Where will be the perfect venue for your shoot?

Sometimes is not everybody that has experience with the vision a head or with macro vision.

Let’s find a incredicle place to shoot your project in Melboune, State of Victoria or in all Australia, I will hunt up the perfect venue that matches with your product.

Also, I can produce your set with the background that I got working with set desginers, graphc designers, photography directors, engineers, carpenters, tv electronic designers, costume designers, makeup artist and hair stylists.



I had a boss who said: "Paper accepts everything", this is true, because in reality everything can change, but it must be within budget.

Ahhh, pre-production, the beautiful dawn and morning of the process.


Nail everything perfectly at this stage and you’ll find your shoot will run smoothly and this will dovetail nicely into a largely hassle-free post-production phase as you breathe life into your project.


I have years of experience in talent scouting, casting, location scouting, budget planning, production schedule building, production coordinating and management as well as liaising with crew and logistics.


I believe production experience is everything in pre-production.



It’s the big day. You’ve barely slept with anxiety. In fact, you’ve barely slept for weeks. And now you have a 5am call time to finally - finally - kick off production. You know the calls to you will start early: I can’t find the location? Security won’t let me in? Where do I set up for hair and makeup? Where’s my gluten-free vegan muffin and almond latte? It takes a special type of person to love the production stage, and that’s me!

When it comes to thinking on your feet, pre-empting the director’s coffee requirement, coercing the talent into another take or prioritising what content you must have as the day slips away: I’m your man on the ground. With more than 15 years experience, ’m a ripper line producer, production coordinator/manager/assistant and the gun you need when the going gets tough.



Now comes one of my favourite parts (in truth, I love them all): Post! Time to bring everything on those hard drives/in the can to life, baby! Your Post team are the wizards that bring the magic to life.


Well, everything is possible, but the results will be different, otherwise we could have planned this before. The editors, normally, are magicians and know that. Alterations in the edition, improvements and changes in deadlines are customary, so… no dramas honey!

The most important thing in this final step is not to leave any important information or image sequence dying anywhere.


Managing the media generated for editing, which media format, how many frames per second, whether it is vertical or horizontal, where it will be displayed, what sound effects or graphics will be used, are key points for your video to achieve the desired range.



Few people know,

but before graduating from a bachelor's degree in radio and tv, I completed a technical course in radio broadcasting.


It was the gateway to becoming a producer in the future and where I was sure that communication was the area that I really wanted to act.


Do you need a beautiful voice in Portuguese for your video, advertising, whether on Radio or TV?


Contact me and don't regret it.

Watch my portfolio.


Web Design

Do you need a web page?

Well ... this site was made by me and I made some others for friends. I can do yours too!

But Kikko, are you trained for this? Do you understand Html, CSS, Java Script?


Yes, in the Diploma Course in Screen and Media here in Melbourne (Australia) one of the subjects was WebDesign.


So, I am able to build your WebSite, together with graphic programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and you can also earn an additional one, because as producer, I can combine your visual identity with videos and motion graphics in After Effects and Premiere

See my Portfolio.


Writing - Tv Formats

Do you have "The Idea", but you don't know how to make it happen?

Some paths need to be followed, but which one will lead you to the treasure chest?

I have experience in how to restructure an existing format, as well as writing television show formats from scratch.

From country programs, musicals to Christmas specials.

Because what matters is reaching the goal and ensuring the audience.


Motion Design

What would your video be without an opening that makes it more sophisticated and pleasing to the customer?

Or even subtle effects that make it elegant or even more "tech".


Visual language to approach the right style and the target audience, it makes perfect sense when you need to work either with motion design or in every catalog of a product that needs to be marketed or in your visual package of Tv's Show and Videos.

So don't hesitate to talk to me.


Social Media

Social dilemma? Yes, it is!

But how will your brand survive without this dilemma that consumes us daily?

Achieve your market objectives and your target audience on social networks with relevant and visually pleasing content to your final consumer.

Break this dilemma and know how to reach your goals.

No matter what channel or social media, your message will get where you really want it.