2013 - 2017


It was four seasons of the show where I was able to grow more professionally and I owe him a lot for having learned so much. Be it in interpersonal, leadership and corporate relationships.

The Machine of Fame was a derivation of an earlier format, which was "Famous Who?". The station's owner, has always been famous for altering programs that were being shown, for the improvement of the audience and even for readjustments of foreign formats that needed a Brazilian spice. With the change of the original format of "My name is ..." by FremantleMedia, the contract was broken and originating the "Machine of Fame" which was focused on transforming singers into covers of celebrities and setting the stage according to the song or references from the original singer.

With the reformatted program, I was in charge of putting together puzzles and creating a different environment for each candidate who would perform. It was there that in this program I learned to relate to all the creative sectors of the station. From set design project, budget approval, workflow flow with the broadcaster's scenographic factory, meetings for schedules with different sectors such as carpentry, painting, electromechanical, costumes, sewing, hair and makeup, visual arts, soundtrack production, lighting and put everything together for the recording day, rehearse and record.

I can say that the Machine behind the cameras, had several gears that needed to be well coordinated for the magic to happen on stage.

This added a lot to my career as an assistant director and to the producer I became.