TIFFXO - Fitness Program

2020 will be a year that no one will forget and I will not forget this incredible project by Tiffiny Hall.

TIFFXO, after the lockdown that spread across the planet, launched on its fitness App ISO RESET.

Here in Melbourne it was no different from all four corners of the Earth: closed gyms, restrictions on trade, social distancing and lockdown.

Tiffiny Hall, who is a recognized Personal Trainer in Australia, launched her new content and was an internet hit.

I had the pleasure of working for your App and for Hired Gun Media. I acted as Shooting Producer and Video Editor.

The project consists of 4 weeks of online training for the platform user, with three days with different workouts per week and the fourth day, being recovering with a Yoga and Pilates section.

The program also has the advantage of containing exclusive interviews with nutritionists and psychologists to assist in this different moment that we live on account of COVID-19.

It really was a great job.


GRAM Magazine

GRAM is an Australian magazine dedicated to how a nation experiences all things food and drink. It does away with traditional food magazine formulas, preferring a journalistic approach.

This year, 2020, I was able to collaborate in several ways with this incredible magazine.

In March, when the unexpected was already expected, I wrote an article about how the hospitality sector could be affected with the restrictions to be announced on that date.

Read the article here.

Another article was the translation from English into Portuguese of: "Brazilian empadas are what you need in your life this winter" Where the story of Alessandra You was told, who turned the corner after seeing the restaurant where she works closing the doors with the retractions imposed by the pandemic scenario of 2020.

Read the article here.

I will also participate in the new digital phase of the magazine, which will be launched between September / October 2020.


Australian Ninja Warrior (2020)

I can say that it was the biggest infrastructure for a sports program that I saw in my life.


It was an absurdly incredible experience.

In 2020, I was able to experience what was the Australian Ninja Warrior fourth season.

On some days of the competition, I worked as a Studio Floor Runner in this format of Endemol Shine Australia and I was able to understand how this electrifying program works and it is to be impressed with the structure and professionalism of the whole team, during nights and nights, until the sunrise.

In addition to the competing Ninjas, there are hundreds of Ninjas behind the camera.


Australia's Got Talent (2020)

A big surprise in 2020 was being asked to work at the 2020 Auditions for Australia's Got Talent.

I worked years in Brazilian Talent Shows, but to participate in an audition in foreign lands, it was terrifying! Man, how everything is well organized.

It was a day that I learned a lot. Just watching and being inside the process, it was quite a lesson.

My collaboration was as a Production Runner, for example, receiving and checking documents of the registrants, orientation to the audition rooms and production run.

Thanks Fremantle Media Australia.


Centr - Fitness Program

Center, by Chris Hemsworth

It is a fitness app that I had the opportunity to freelance for several moments in 2019.

In Mebourne, I was Production Assistant in different daily where content was generated for the application with personalities such as: Bobby Holland Hanton, Sylvia Roberts and Tahl Rinsky.

In Bayron Bay, which is the most extreme eastern part of Australia and paradisiacal, I was able to work on the Centr recordings in daily with: Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemseworth, as Production Assistant and 2nd AD.

I am very grateful for these incredible moments and exceptional experience.


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