Concert – Accomplices in a ransom



Based on the Mexican format of the soap opera "Cumplices de um Resgate", the final episode is a show of rival bands that integrate the plot of this soap opera.

Held in August 2016 and exhibited at the end of the same year, the "Show Cumplices de um Resgate" in 4 sessions attracted more than 40 thousand spectators at the Municipal Gym in the City of São Paulo and high ratings.

There were months of pre-production, in charge of being an assistant director, I was able to collaborate in several areas such as: choosing the musical repertoire, developing the concept of the show, meetings for making scenographic material, costumes, visual arts, lighting, budgets, rehearsals and stage direction.

I can say that the experience of participating as a member of a Show team is chilling to hear the audience's cries of expectation. Really a unique moment.